Teacher's Workshop Staff

Dr. Renet L. Bender


Dr. Renet Bender's background includes a PhD. in mathematics as well as six years of distance learning staff development experience with Teacher's Workshop. Among other publications, she is the senior author of Computer-Assisted Instruction for Students At Risk for ADHD, Mild Disabilities, or Academic Problems.

Dr. Renet Bender

Dr. William Bender

Dr. William N. Bender

Speaker, Workshop Moderator

Dr. Bender is an associate professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Georgia. He is a leader in distance education who has been involved in a number of innovative projects and endeavors in the field over the last decade, including ADDNET, SETWEB, the Interactive Teaching Network, and, of course, Teacher's Workshop. He has hosted a Public Television Series, Education Today. He is a prolific author (55 peer-reviewed articles and 9 books) and a popular workshop speaker. Please see Dr. William Bender's page in the Speaker's Bureau section of the Teacher's Workshop Website.

Greg Clinton, M.Ed.

Director of Programming

Greg Clinton has spent the last seven years working in educational media and distance learning staff development, including the Georgia Public Television Series Education Today, the Interactive Teaching Network, and Teacher's Workshop. He is the co-editor of the book Violence Prevention and Reduction in Schools.

Greg Clinton

Shelly Leach

Shelly Leach

Conference Management/Bookkeeping

Shelly Leach has been with Teacher's Workshop since 1998. She is currently pursuing a degree in accounting.