Please let us hear from you about your approach to classroom discipline!Results compiled from this survey will be reported during the Disciplinefor At-Risk Kids teleconference series, airing March 6 and 20, 1997. Respondingis easy! Just type a number in the box for question 1, then click on thecircle beside your response to each of the remaining questions. When youare done, click on SUBMIT.

1. What is the average number of students in your classroom throughoutthe week?2. Perhaps the most important ingredient in my approach to classroom discipoineis: a. Assertive useof consequences b. Positive reinforcement c. A token economy d. A busy learning schedule3. I receive adequate support from parents of approximately: a. 0-25% of my students b. 25-50% of my students c. 50-75% of my students d. 75-100% of my students

4. Do you receive adequate support from school administrators in handlingserious discipline problems?

a. Yesb. No.

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