Teaching Via the Internet

Ms. Pat Tilson, a classroom teacher, provides step-by-step guidelines for applications on the Internet. She also describes her multi-media experiences as her class moves into applications of technology. Questions for Thought: 1. What we some of the most common applications of the Internet in the classroom? 2. How can Internet skills benefit students beyond the classroom environment? I. Preparing Students

A. Roles of school must change B. Provide new resources C. The Internet is a valuable tool II. What Is The Internet? A. Two computers = local area net B. Two or more local nets = Internet C. Largest interconnected network = the Internet III. Why Use The Internet? IV. Mrs. Smith's Morning - Story V. Tim's Busy Day - Story VI. Uses For Teachers A. Improved productivity B. Professional development C. Personal support D. Developing student activities VII. Teacher Endorsements VIII. Accessing The Internet A. Find access 1. Through a university 2. Through a provider company B. Dive in C. Use E-Mail D. Look for lesson plans E. Attend conferences/seminars
Teaching via the Internet
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