Dr. Jaqueline Thousand

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Inclusion, collaborative teaming and creativity, school-based systems change strategies, and cooperative group learning

Presentation Style: Specific practical classroom-oriented strategies for innovative teaching

Dr. Jacqueline Thousand received her doctorate in Psychology from the University of Vermont (Burlington) and currently is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at California State University in San Marcos. For ten years, she directed a graduate training program which prepares advanced leadership personnel to work with administrators, teachers, and families. Their goal has been to redesign the delivery of special education services so that all children may be educated successfully within their local school's general education and community environments. She now prepares teachers for California schools who are certified as both general and special educators.

Dr. Thousand has presented and consulted throughout the United States, Canada, Honduras, and the Czech and Slovak Republics. She has coordinated several federal grant projects, all concerned with instructional and organizational change strategies for creating inclusive schools that welcome all children. She has served as a public school special education administrator, director of a public school early childhood special education program, and coordinator of an early childhood special education teacher preparation program.

From 1987 to 1991, Dr. Thousand co-edited Teacher Education and Special Education, the journal of the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children. She has authored numerous articles and book chapters regarding inclusion, collaborative consultation and teaming, school-based systems change strategies, cooperative group learning and partner learning, transition planning, attitudinal change strategies, and international educational exchange. She has co-edited two books for Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: An Administrative Guide to Creating Heterogeneous Schools and Creativity and Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Empowering Teachers and Students, and a 1995 Yearbook for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development entitled Creating an Inclusive School.