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This new book, edited by William Bender, Gregory Clinton, and Renet Bender, contains everything you need to formulate and implement an effective violence prevention program in your school. Especially useful for school administrators, teachers, school safety experts, college professors, and school resource police officers. Model programs are presented, and multiple "tear-out" sheets are provided with permission to photocopy.

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Violence Prevention and Reduction In Schools

William N. Bender, Gregory Clinton, and Renet L. Bender

Chapter Topics Include:

  • Conducting a safe school inventory,
  • Developing a comprehensive plan,
  • Use of effective cooperative disciplinary strategies,
  • Social inclusion for students with behavioral problems,
  • Mentoring programs using community volunteers,
  • Conflict resolution strategies,
  • Managing a hostage crisis in school,
  • Techniques for creating a safe school plan, and
  • Numerous other techniques for preventing and dealing with violence in schools.

Programs and activities for students and teachers are included to help you plan your school's violence reduction efforts. Use the Safe School Inventory form and instructions to ensure you've covered all the bases. The contents of the book are flexible enough to be used by a committee or an individual.

Tear-Out Sheets Give You Flexibility

  • The School Threat Assessment - provides a device by which your safe school committee can assess the level of various types of dangers present in the local environment of the school.
  • The School Action Plan - assists in the development of a unified disciplinary plan for preventing violent and other problem behaviors by troubled students.
  • The Mentorship Application Form - assists in establishing a community mentoring program to bring in caring adults as role models for troubled youth.
  • The Who's Like You Questionnaire - helps students focus on developing friendships and "Connectedness" with others at school.
  • The Student Action Plan - helps students describe their own behavior and make a plan for how to avoid a repeat of the problem being addressed.
  • The Quality of Life Wheel - provides a worksheet for use by students in describing what is important to them.
  • The Safe School Inventory - This five page document is a must for every safe school planning committee, and will focus your efforts on areas which you may not have considered as threat areas in your school.
  • The Conflict Resolution Contract - focuses on the potential for conflict between students and teachers in an effort to avoid confrontations that can lead to violence.


1999 ISBN 0-89079-802-8, paperback $31.00

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